South Asia Hydromet Forum

Program to support South Asian Regional Development in
Operational Forecasting and Service Delivery

Forecasters Workbench

Managing a regional information and communication platform

The Knowledge Hub would serve as a one-stop platform for “Products” support such as the real-time observation data sharing, forecast data visualization, ensemble forecast products analysis linked to geospatial data analytics, and “Capacity and service delivery” training and orientation support like need-based on-the-job training, online discussion forums to discuss issues and doubts, interactive and live conferencing support. It is an integrative effort, and it will be developed in a scalable and phased manner to accommodate future demands. The knowledge hub integrates data & information, people, and processes across organizational boundaries, essentially between NMH services and emergency responder groups on a single platform. It will act as a secure unified access point and a decentralized approach for content contribution, anticipating the severity of impacts and risk management, aggregate, and personalize information through user-specific requirements. The backbone of the knowledge hub includes:

1.Meteorological Data, visualization with forecast verification and real-time performance analysis module [mostly restricted to surface meteorological data, probabilistic ensemble forecasts derived products from these fields that can serve IBF in sectors]
2.Data mining and Metadata management, management of the metadata and meta-information.
3.Learning Management System, which facilitates as a physical interface for acquiring and sharing knowledge with a forecasters workbench for regular discussions on forecast bulletins.
4.Annual Training Calendar for scheduled or demand-based training activities to be conducted at the regional or national level.
5.Chatbots & Online Forum, facility to support answering queries from any of the operational personnel from the meteorological agencies.
6.Knowledge repository holds the repository of approaches, spatial and non-spatial analytical tools, technologies, strategies, good practices, and lessons learned on vulnerability reduction, hazard early warning, emergency preparedness, response, risk mitigation, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and recovery.

Components of Knowledge Hub